About Us

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About Us

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Education is a key success of a Nation…

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Maison Lutece dba Pearls of the Emirates is an organization based in the U.A.E. Through a strong educational approach, which includes efficient publications, events and shows, we promise to tip the scale in favor of Animal Welfare by offering long term protection to Animals.  P.O.T.E. is also providing hands-on assistance, whether it is to domestic, stray or wild Animals.

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❂  A world based on humane principles where animals are protected and treated with respect.

❂  To promote a Nation that is internationally idolized today for its patriotism and its economic success, and tomorrow admired for its cultured generation involved in the Animal Welfare and environmental affairs.

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❂ To sensitize and educate people about Animal Welfare

❂ To reduce Animal neglect and prevent Animal cruelty

❂ To promote and protect :

– the Animals

– the environment

– the reading culture

– the Arabic and multi-languages

❂ To save and improve the lives of Animals

❂ To strengthen human values

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Play | Discover | Learn | Educate

Having the sense of:

• Sharing 

• Respect 

• Responsibility

To broaden people‘s awareness of Animal Welfare and the Environment.

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” Humans Must have mercy on his brother human, animals and plants…

As God grants Mercy to the Merciful”

 HH Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan – The Founder of the United Arab Emirates and The U.A.E. President until 2004

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Profit Repartition


All the profits generated from the sales of our publications are given to cause dedicated to Animal welfare.

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Note of Intent:

Julie Shana Sebban Mannarini has been living in the U.A.E. for the last 10 years from where she started her family. Since early Childhood, she has been passionate about Life. Dedicated to preserving this God Jewel by engaging in various activities which promote the protection of the earth and the harmonization to all the Creatures/Creations that live on it, Julie Shana has always been a volunteer in various associations that share her values.

Today with Volunteers, whom she met during humanitarian actions, including Shizza Khan , they are joining hands to bring light to a cause very close to their hearts : the protection of another exquisite richness of the U.A.E. : the nature and its Animals.

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[trx_highlight type=”0″ size=”20px” line_height=”24px”]A fond Thank You to our beloved Volunteers[/trx_highlight]

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[trx_highlight type=”0″ size=”20px” line_height=”24px”]A great big Thank You to our Sponsors[/trx_highlight]

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